Ocean Inn Sustainability

Choices for a Healthy Environment

At Ocean Inn we are committed to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

We are passionate about the ocean, ocean life, beaches, local land, and forests. Being more than just a business, we strive to be a business that supports conservation initiatives, that restores and protects the environment. With our commitment we strive in a sustainable manner to do business that protects nature and has a positive impact on all.

We encourage you to join us in our mission to preserve the beauty of our surroundings and be a part of something truly meaningful.

Responsible Tourism with a positive impact: Partnering with NCLC

Ocean Inn at Manzanita, in partnership with Kind Traveler’s Every Stay Gives Back program, supports North Coast Land Conservancy. The mission of North Coast Land Conservatory (NCLC) is helping to conserve Oregon’s coastal lands and waters, forever, further supporting their vision of a fully functioning landscape where healthy communities of people, plants and wildlife all thrive. Through our community impact program, $1 per stay will fund North Coast Land Conservancy. Additionally, Ocean Inn at Manzanita will match every $1 dollar collected, doubling the positive impact we will make together. 100% of funds are given to North Coast Land Conservancy. Learn more about your travel dollars are positively impacting the local community.

Ocean Steward

Be an Ocean Steward: Clean Beaches, Earn Rewards

Embrace the opportunity to make a difference while enjoying the beauty of Manzanita Beach. Help us to preserve our environment and earn a $20 credit towards your next stay. By collecting micro-plastic beach debris and returning it in our provided recycled bag or bucket, not only will you earn a $20 credit towards your future stay, but we will also contribute a donation of $1 per bag or bucket to the Surfrider Foundation. You may redeem up to 2 bags to receive a discount on your next stay. Every little bit helps in protecting our beautiful ocean, one piece of micro-plastic at a time!

Green Natüra Amenities

As we prioritize environmental stewardship, we have carefully selected these amenity products for our guests. Introduced over a decade ago for the luxury eco-conscious hospitality sector, Green Natüra has grown into a brand known for its expanding range of sustainable offerings.

They emphasize cruelty free liquid formulas, and utilize plant-based ingredients in their bar soaps. The packaging of their products are crafted from post-consumer recycled materials and is printed with soy-based inks. Liquid tube containers feature the *EcoPure organic bio-additive, which accelerates the natural biodegradation process in a biologically active landfill. Soaps are RSPO certified, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Formulas are Gluten, and Nut Free.

We are proud to present these eco-friendly amenities as a testament to our dedication to both luxury and environmental responsibility.

Ocean Inn at Manzanita suite two bedroom

Limited Maid Service/Housekeeping

With the changing environment around us, and within the hospitality industry itself, we have made a conscious decision take control of our environmental impact. One small change with a big impact that we have made, is the reduction of traditional “Maid Service.” This means that we no longer automatically change sheets and towels or clean rooms daily. This change significantly reduces our water and electricity consumption used for laundering linens and towels, minimizes the use of cleaning products, and cuts down on associated expenses.

Rest assured a limited “Maid Service” can still be arranged upon request.

Your support in this eco-conscious endeavor is greatly appreciated as we strive to make a positive difference in the world around us.

Dune Grass


Here at Ocean Inn, we actively promote recycling and encourage our staff and guests to participate in this eco-friendly practice as well. In each room, you will find a convenient green Recycle Can located under the sink, specifically designed for the disposal of cans, bottles, cardboard, paper, and plastics. By separating and recycling these materials, we contribute to a cleaner environment. Thank you for joining us in this practice!

Cape Falcon Marine Reserve

In our continued effort to preserve and nurture the environment we are proud to support the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve. Positioned as Oregon’s northernmost of 5 Oregon Marine Reserves sites, our support for this sanctuary underscores our dedication to safeguarding our precious marine ecosystems for generations to come. As a vital component of the Oregon Marine Reserves, Cape Falcon is located on the picturesque north Oregon coast, near Oswald West State Park, north of the town of Manzanita.

Nature photos provided by Zoomdak Photography.