Ocean Inn Special Promotion

Ocean Steward

Calling all those who enjoy strolling beautiful Manzanita Beach!

During your stay at Ocean Inn, join us in being an Ocean Steward and earn a $20 credit on your future reservation.

Storms, high seas and tides scatter a significant amount of trash, plastic, and debris along our beach. Much of that debris is made up of microplastics, tiny plastic particles that result from both commercial product development and the breakdown of larger plastics being broken down on beaches and in the surf. Some scientists believe that the ocean contains 24.4 trillion pieces of microplastics weighing between 82,000 and 578,000 tons.

Oceans provide countless benefits to the planet, for starters they produce over half of the world’s oxygen. Additionally, oceans cover over 70% of Earth’s surface and are important for regulating climate and weather patterns.

We at Ocean Inn know how important it is to take care of our oceans and beaches and we need your help. We will be providing interested guests with a recycled fabric bag to collect small plastic debris from the beach. When the bag is returned full we will credit your account with $20 to be applied to a future reservation. In addition, we will donate $1 for every bag returned, to the Surfrider Foundation https://www.surfrider.org for your effort.

Every act matters no matter how small it may seem. 

We will donate $1 for as many full bags as you collect however, only 2 full bags may be redeemed for credit per reservation. Inquire upon arrival.